Your company’s business should be booming and your sales skyrocketing.  You believe in your product, and don’t understanding why sales, revenues and profits are not going through the roof.  That’s exactly why I have developed my client-focused sales and marketing programs to get those clients you need to grow your business. We bring that boost of adrenaline to your company, helping you achieve the pinnacle of success in the design market. 


 If you are a product company, showroom or sales person in the interior design or any creative industry who finds it challenging to maintain consistent growth, you have landed on the right website!


  • How can I negotiate a better deal?
  • How can I demonstrate value over price?
  • How can I convince the client?
  • How can we shorten buying cycles
  • When do we get new product so I can get into a client’s firm again?

All of these questions have one common thread.  They’re all about  YOU and what you can do to GET THE SALE.  They’re not about the client, their needs and what THEY can use.

My clients contact me and ask me how their salespeople can close more sales.  They do not ask why their clients are buying from their competitors,they ask how they can CONVINCE their clients to buy from them.

You may think this sounds like semantics, but it is a BIG deal.  You need to be thinking about your clients.  Take the emphasis from what YOU do and focus on the client’s needs.

What can your salespeople do to focus on your clients rather than product and trying to SELL? With the right training and focus, your products will sell themselves.

“Deborah always had great ideas and her approach was to think outside the box which really helped move Larsen forward”.
– Lori Weitzner (Lori Weitzner Designs)


The design market is changing at rapid-fire speed, and what seems like an innovative and fresh idea today can be old, discarded news tomorrow.  Many companies, large or small, haven’t learned and don’t have set in place a blueprint to allow the company to thrive on change.  Your company becomes static, set in place, and is well on its way to becoming irrelevant.  The challenges facing the design industry today require bold thinking, recognizing that change is needed, and the courage to implement those changes in your company. Companies today need to be agile, and ready to implement changes as soon as it is realized that things are becoming static, flat or just aren’t working.

There is a better way!  A new, innovative, bold way specifically researched and designed for the 21st century design market. That’s what I do.  I, along with my team, find the best way for each company I work with to achieve long-lasting, achievable strategies for growth. Our experience and expertise in branding, marketing and sales a can boost your company’s sales and growth, allowing you to stand out among your competitors.

Why don’t you start here with a free report on10 PROVEN STRATEGIES TO POWER UP SALES NOW!” or take a look at Keleen Leathers, one of our case studies, and how we helped them develop a strong brand and sales program. By following and implementing a focused, prepared, comprehensive plan structured specifically for your company, the possibilities for success are endless.

You may have tried strategies that seem to work at first but are just not sticking. Your sales are up and down and you can’t seem to find the right path to consistently increase your sales revenues and profits. If you are a showroom or independent sales person, you may have thought  the answer was changing lines or getting more lines. Or if you are a showroom or manufacturer with sales people, maybe you tried increasing sales by hiring an additional sales person or replacing one of your current staff with someone entirely new.

The right program and strategy, the right people, the right training and motivation = increased revenues and more importantly, increased PROFIT!





SITUATION: Keleen was a 30 year old company whose sales had flat lined and had very little national brand recognition. They had recently launched with a major, high-end showroom on the West Coast and needed someone with a strong understanding of working with a multi-line showroom and how to gain recognition and navigate with waters.

There had also been little attention paid to the look and continuity of their collateral which deterred from brand recognition. The logos and fonts they were using did little to promote the beautiful, fashion forward product they offered while still meeting the expectations of the high-end clients who were their target market.

They had similar looking product that was becoming either obsolete or a sales splitter, which was wasting thousands of dollars in sampling costs.

They did not have a sales training program to teach sales people about how to sell it this product.

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