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Want Consistant Business Growth That Defies Any Economy?  Are Your Sales People Living Up To Their Potential?

If you are a product company, showroom or sales person in the interior design industry, who finds it challenging to keep business both consistent and growing you have landed on the right website!

You may have even tried strategies that may seem to be working at first but are just not sticking. Your sales are up and down and just cannot find the right path to consistent business growth. If you are a showroom or independent sales person, you may think the answer is changing lines or getting more lines. Or if you are a showroom or manufacturer with sales people, maybe the answer would simply be hire someone else.

There’s a better way! That’s what I do, find the best way for each company I work with to achieve long-lasting, achievable goals.

Dialogue Consulting started in 2001 after being in the design industry helping companies increase business and profitability for 20 years through sales and sales management. There is lots of business out there and I can show you how to get it more easily and consistently with strategies that stick because they are based on what works in this creative industry.

Why don’t you start here with a free report on “The 7 deadly Sins That are Killing your Business” or taking a look at Keleen Leathers, one of our case studies and how we helped them develop a strong brand and sales program. By following and implementing a focused, prepared, comprehensive plan structured specifically for your company, the possibilities for success are endless.

The right program and strategy, the right people, the right training and motivation = increased revenues and more importantly, increased PROFIT!


What People Say About Deborah
Ellie Karanauskas(Former VP of Sales – Larsen & Associates/current Regional Director Pollack & Associates)
Having hired and worked with Deborah for her role of Mid West Regional Sales Director for Larsen, I cannot say enough about her good qualifications, and great success in this position. Because she so well ...

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Iris WangVP Design & Marketing for Brentano Fabrics
Deborah is very knowledgeable in the interior design business. Her multifaceted experience and insights enable her to wisely advise all her clients including Brentano. Her advice has proven right many times with her direction of ...

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David HarrisPartner, VP of sales, The New Traditionalists
When we launched The New Traditionalists we wanted to work with someone who could assist in setting up a program to market the collection through outside sales channels. Deborah was immensely helpful in finding the ...

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Linda MullenVP Keleen Leathers
Deborah Flate was a consultant for Keleen Leathers for over a 5 year period. Deborah came along at a time when Keleen Leathers was in need of someone with her energy, dedication, knowledge, & experience ...

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Phil CooperPresident Larsen & Associates
Please think about authoring a “handbook” of suggestions for other Regional Sales Directors. Your ideas and changes you have made have created a very successful territory. I’d like to export those ideas to others to ...

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Cynthia Nugent-DeganhardtPresident and CEO Rodolph Textiles
Deborah Flate acted as a consultant in the capacity of National Sales Director for 2 years for Rodolph Textiles. Using her prior experience in management and sales, her insightful recommendations and follow through helped us ...

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Jack Lenor LarsenOwner/Design Director Larsen & Associates
We’re all so proud of the championship course you’re running. Keep it up because we’re all counting on you.

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